The Story & Lyric Booklet to Demo 'LovePotion.'

Out with the old, and in with the new! 

With the release of my new music, I have been fortunate enough to create better quality music. Due to this, I have decided to remove my original demo 'LovePotion.' and single 'Bored', as I want to showcase myself in the best light possible. With that being said however, pieces of 'ClaireNova.' still exist in my artistic world. I'll be coming out with custom lapel pins based on her alien adventures in the next coming months! I will be setting up a shopping page with more information soon. If you are still interested in listening to 'LovePotion.' and/ or watching 'Bored', shoot me an e-mail in my contact page and I'll send it on over your way. For now, here is ClaireNova's story illustrated and written by me. It's a bit silly, but then again, so am I!